Help for New Contact Lens Wearers

We have three main goals for our contact lens wearers:

Clear Vision

Great Comfort

Safe, Healthy Corneas

Application and Removal of Contact Lenses

It’s our job to recommend the right contact lenses and care products.  

It’s your job to use them properly.  

Please watch this video get started on your way to clear, comfortable, and healthy vision with your contacts.  

Tips for Safe and Successful Contact Lens Wear

Be wise and listen to your eyes

Contact lens wearers should never ignore symptoms like pain, redness, and extreme sensitivity to light.  

If your eyes hurt, take out your lenses and call us right away, even after hours.

DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR CONTACTS unless specifically approved by your doctor. 

The risk of corneal ulcers — which can be sight threatening — is ten times greater in patients who sleep in their contacts.

Replace your lenses as directed

Contact lenses are medical devices controlled by the FDA.  

Each lens brand is approved for a specified wear schedule based on the extensive research into the most optimal performance of each lens material.  

A Dirty Secret:  Old contacts are dirty contacts.  

Fresh lenses, changed as recommended, are more comfortable and much healthier for your eyes.

Use solutions your doctor recommends

Frequently people will come in saying “these contact aren’t working any more” only to discover they have switched solutions.  

Use the solution your doctor recommends.

Don’t top-off solutions

Please use fresh solution in your case every day.  Topping off existing solution is like never draining the tub and just adding a little more water every time you bathe.  Eew. Yuck!

Dr. Jeffrey Broadhead

Progressive Eye Care

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