Scleral Lenses

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Restoring Clear Vision for Patients with Keratoconus, Post-Lasik Complications, and Irregular Corneas

Increasing Comfort & Clarity for Dry Eye Sufferers

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Zenlens Scleral Lens - Progressive Eye Care, South Jordan, UT

What is a Scleral Contact Lens?

Made of highly oxygen-permeable rigid lens materials, Scleral Contacts gently rest on the sclera (the white part of the eye) without touching the cornea, providing sharp vision and excellent comfort.

Scleral Lenses are Great For: 



Post surgical corneas

Myopia & Hyperopia

Ocular surface disease (Dry Eye)

Other Irregular Corneal Conditions


A Life Transformed


A graphic designer by training, due to his poor vision, Ron was working as a janitor when we first met.

Ron’s vision had become severely limited by keratoconus, a progressive thinning of the cornea that greatly distorts vision.  A doctor in another state had told him his only hope was a corneal transplant, but he was reluctant. 

We fit Ron with scleral lenses.  For Ron, the results were nothing short of a miracle.  

He and his wife were emotional as they described his wonder at being able to see again.  He could see to drive again.  He could see mountains, leaves on trees, his wife’s face, his daughter’s eyes, the lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  Tearfully, he said, “You have changed my life!”  


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Finally Able to Wear Contacts Again


Brooke is a Utah mom who had long given up on wearing contacts.  For years her eyes had been too dry to tolerate the soft contacts or to consider Lasik. 

When we met, her dry eye had become so severe that she was desperate.  She was using artificial tears every hour all day long with no relief.  Even after treating her dry eyes with typical measures, she had little improvement. 

We decided to fit her with scleral lenses.  With scleral contacts, saline and lubrication drops are placed inside the lens when inserting, which act to bathe the cornea all day long.  The rigid lens design shields the eye from evaporation, greatly increasing comfort for patients with dry eye syndrome.   

The result?  Brooke was able to wear contacts all day with comfortable and clear vision.  No more dryness complaints.  No more fussing with a strong glasses prescription.  Now, ten years later she’s still going strong!

… Another life transformed by scleral lenses.  

The Scleral Lens Fitting Process


Transforming people’s vision with scleral lenses is one of the most satisfying parts of being and eye doctorDR. JEFF BROADHEAD

Your Customized Lens Fitting

Vision & Eye Health Exam

Visual acuity, refraction, and eye health are evaluated to determine if scleral lenses are right for you.

Specialty Eye Scans

Corneal topography and corneal thickness maps are obtained to ensure scleral lenses are appropriate and safe for your eyes.

Trial Lens Fitting

Sample scleral lenses are placed on your eye to get initial fitting data and vision measurements needed for a customized lens order.

We feature lenses such as the Zenlens by Baush & Lomb and the Onefit by Coopervision, along with many others. 

Follow-Up Care

Because scleral lenses use a rigid material, follow up visits are required until we ensure that the lense sits comfortably on the eye without irritating the cornea. 

One or more refits are often required to achieve optimal fit, vision, and comfort.

Ongoing maintenance visits ensure optimal vision and corneal health.

"Best Eye Care My Husband and I Have Ever Had"

Gregory Stone

Comfortable and relaxing office. Friendly and courteous staff. Fancy high tech equipment. Knowledgeable and informative providers who inspire confidence.

Michelle Sivertson

Best eye care my husband and I have ever had! Dr Chism and Dr Broadhead as well as their staff are always fantabulous! I don’t have enough good things to say about Progressive Eye Care! We may have a 25 minute drive from where we live, but it is hands down worth it! Our eyes are most definitely in good hands!

Scleral Lenses

Proven Technology - Proven Results

OCT images allow our doctors to maintain precise control over fit, function, vision, and comfort!  

At Progressive Eye Care in South Jordan, we feature the latest technology from Optovue for precision with every scleral lens design.

This image shows a scleral lens (on the top), a space filled with tears, and the cornea (below).  The Optovue Avanti OCT allows us incredible accuracy when designing customized scleral contact lenses.

Scleral Lenses

Have You Ever Wondered?

Why Are My Contacts Always Blurry?

Blurriness with your soft contacts may mean the prescription is wrong or the lens is not fitting right. 

If your soft contact lenses are never clear enough, even when your doctor makes adjustments, scleral lenses may be an excellent solution for you.  

High myopia and high astigmatism are often best treated with a rigid contact lens design such as the Onefit scleral contact lens.

If your prescription for astigmatism keeps changing, you could possibly have keratoconus.  Scleral lenses are great for keratoconus and other difficult astigmatism prescriptions.

For children and adolescents, frequent changes in prescription could be caused by a progression in myopia (nearsightedness).  Click on the link above to learn more about managing myopia in children.  

Dry eye syndrome can make wearing daytime soft contact lenses difficult if not impossible. 

Many dry eye sufferers can return safely and comfortably to contact lens use when scleral lenses are prescribed.

Scleral lenses are one of many novel approaches we now have to treat chronic dry eyes.

Why Consider Scleral Lenses


Scleral Lenses

... When glasses and soft contacts just aren't clear enough

Blur from irregular corneal shapes can be difficult or sometimes impossible to correct with glasses or soft contacts. 

Scleral lenses have the advantage of the crisp, clear optics and surprisingly great comfort!

When LASIK or PRK leaves you with unsatisfactory vision

... When LASIK or PRK leaves you with unsatisfactory vision

We’re big fans of laser corrective surgery!  Nevertheless, occasionally LASIK patients are left with halos at night, or a quality of vision that leaves them frustrated. 

Scleral lenses can restore sharper vision for post-Lasik patients who experience less-than-optimal results from laser surgery.

When high prescriptions are not easily corrected

...When high prescriptions are not easily corrected

Patients with high myopia or high astigmatism often struggle to obtain clear, comfortable, and stable vision with glasses or soft contacts. 

The sharp optics of a scleral lens are ideal for providing vision that is crisp, stable, and predictable.  

Patients with high prescriptions are often eligible for medically necessary contact lens benefits through their vision plan.

What Do Scleral Lenses Cost?

Depending on the complexity of the fit and lens type required, scleral lenses can cost between $1,500 and $1,800 per pair.

Are Payment Plans Available?

Yes.  Payment plan options are available via Care Credit or similar programs.

Why Do Scleral Lenses Cost More than Soft Contacts?

Scleral lenses are made of rigid materials that must be 100% customized to fit comfortably, requiring considerable skill, technology, experience, and time (sometimes multiple visits).

Will My Insurance Help Pay for Scleral Contacts?

Vision insurance plans may contribute $100 to $300 toward contact lenses which are not considered “medically necessary.” 

When lenses are deemed medically necessary, SOME insurance plans cover a larger percentage of the cost.  


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Dr. Jeffrey Broadhead

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